Monday, January 9, 2012

What people say

Try not to care, what the others say,
If You ever will- good luck, for me there's no way,
Words annoy me, like nothing else did,
It may change when I'll be older, but now I'm just kid,
That's why, when I hear all that harsh stuff,
Believe me, I can't just let it go and laugh,
But these are just people, the ones I truly hate,
Behind every "I'm fine, it's good, it's just great",
Stays one "Go, please, I don't want to see you again",
Because these are just the ones, who create all the pain,
And every irreplaceable part of Your soul,
Annoys each of them, creating a hole,
Which raises in Your head, with every single word,
Everything they told You, everything You heard,
That's why Your irreplaceability slowly falls apart,
Making a big hole from Your head and Your heart,
I may not apply to the advices I give,
But just listen to me and try to believe,
Always keep safe the unique part of You, let it raise,
Screw what they say- remember this phrase.

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