Monday, January 9, 2012

it may not be that boring

Who still reads poems? Seriously? Or, who, sitting on the internet and just looking over blogspot, reads poems? I guess nobody, or some creepers (no offence) and... me?
I mean, reading poems doesn't give me anything except vein to write my own ones. Yes, I'm an amateur, 15 years old poet (I wouldn't call myself a poet, but, well, I write poems ans that stuff). I'm not from US or UK (that's why I also wanted to apologize for all the grammar mistakes and that stuff), but I try to write in English. Unfortunately, the epic ones (hahaha) I write for contests are in polish, but I hope, that reading these ones (if anyone is ever going to see this blog), you won't take me for a freak or something.
I'm not really into that, but many people told me to publish my poems somehow , so I decided to do it anonymously, on blogger.
Thanks, if You read it and thanks if You decide to read at least one of my poems (and maybe leave a comment? :)). I'm not considering myself a poet or something, cos I'm 15 and I'm more like spend-day-on-tumblr-complain-about-no-friends-person, but I hope it's just the other (maybe smarter) part of me.
Anyway, thanks for all of You.

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