Monday, January 9, 2012

What people say

Try not to care, what the others say,
If You ever will- good luck, for me there's no way,
Words annoy me, like nothing else did,
It may change when I'll be older, but now I'm just kid,
That's why, when I hear all that harsh stuff,
Believe me, I can't just let it go and laugh,
But these are just people, the ones I truly hate,
Behind every "I'm fine, it's good, it's just great",
Stays one "Go, please, I don't want to see you again",
Because these are just the ones, who create all the pain,
And every irreplaceable part of Your soul,
Annoys each of them, creating a hole,
Which raises in Your head, with every single word,
Everything they told You, everything You heard,
That's why Your irreplaceability slowly falls apart,
Making a big hole from Your head and Your heart,
I may not apply to the advices I give,
But just listen to me and try to believe,
Always keep safe the unique part of You, let it raise,
Screw what they say- remember this phrase.

Dear Stranger

When I saw You, somewhere there,
I can't say, I didn't care,
If You'll glance at me or not,
I actually cared a lot.
You made me feel sad, just walking away,
While starying in the sky, with nothing to say,
I tried to find You, each day a year,
But there was no You, You weren't there,
Within a year, two, three or four,
I still felt that disgusting sour,
Outside my brain, inside my heart,
I spent so much time, same place where I start,
Stranger, whoever You were, whoever You are,
You learned my how to love, with leaving a scar,
Scar is still with me, it helps me a lot,
With surviving all pain, that I sometimes got,
But, as I guess, while meeting You again, anyway,
I would have nothing to say.
Because, somehow, that little scar on my heart,
Helps me, keeping it not to fall apart.

it may not be that boring

Who still reads poems? Seriously? Or, who, sitting on the internet and just looking over blogspot, reads poems? I guess nobody, or some creepers (no offence) and... me?
I mean, reading poems doesn't give me anything except vein to write my own ones. Yes, I'm an amateur, 15 years old poet (I wouldn't call myself a poet, but, well, I write poems ans that stuff). I'm not from US or UK (that's why I also wanted to apologize for all the grammar mistakes and that stuff), but I try to write in English. Unfortunately, the epic ones (hahaha) I write for contests are in polish, but I hope, that reading these ones (if anyone is ever going to see this blog), you won't take me for a freak or something.
I'm not really into that, but many people told me to publish my poems somehow , so I decided to do it anonymously, on blogger.
Thanks, if You read it and thanks if You decide to read at least one of my poems (and maybe leave a comment? :)). I'm not considering myself a poet or something, cos I'm 15 and I'm more like spend-day-on-tumblr-complain-about-no-friends-person, but I hope it's just the other (maybe smarter) part of me.
Anyway, thanks for all of You.