Monday, January 9, 2012

Dear Stranger

When I saw You, somewhere there,
I can't say, I didn't care,
If You'll glance at me or not,
I actually cared a lot.
You made me feel sad, just walking away,
While starying in the sky, with nothing to say,
I tried to find You, each day a year,
But there was no You, You weren't there,
Within a year, two, three or four,
I still felt that disgusting sour,
Outside my brain, inside my heart,
I spent so much time, same place where I start,
Stranger, whoever You were, whoever You are,
You learned my how to love, with leaving a scar,
Scar is still with me, it helps me a lot,
With surviving all pain, that I sometimes got,
But, as I guess, while meeting You again, anyway,
I would have nothing to say.
Because, somehow, that little scar on my heart,
Helps me, keeping it not to fall apart.

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